New Product Announcement: Bluetooth Mobile Incoming Call Alert & Flashing Light Gadget

The Ideal visual aide to detect incoming calls while riding your bike, motorcycle, or any transportation vehicle or device. Also great for safety!



Incoming Call Alert
Blue & Red LEDs flash (alternatively) on incoming calls

Auto Flashing
Flashes light (blue) automatically as soon as senses any motion or shaking.

Safety Feature
Blue flashing light while motion can also be used as a safety or alert device to lets others see you coming, especially when riding in the dark (flashes every second).

Anti-Theft Feature
Flashes when separated from your mobile 30 feet or more

Easy Auto Pairing
Simply turn mobile’s Bluetooth ON to pair it (default password 0000)
If pairing fails, press top button to force new pairing

Easy to Attach to Any Tube
It features a durable rubber elastic material (color black, as shown in pictures) that can easily wrap around any tube (stretches ~4” perimeter, ~1” diameter)
Size: 2” x 1.25” (top view section)

Auto Shut-off / Sleep mode
Goes into sleep mode automatically after 3 minutes when no motion or stop shaking. Saves battery!

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