Is your Number Registered in the “Do Not Call List”? … But you are still getting calls.

If you registered your phone number(s) on the “Do Not Call” registry, and continue to get unwanted calls. Chances are that the calls you are getting are from one of these 2 sources:

1) You are getting calls from scam artists and/or delinquents — these are criminals and out-laws who use any excuse to go after your money.

2) You are getting calls from entities that the “Do Not Call” law do not apply.  These include charities, non-profit surveys, politicians, etc.

Fortunately, the T-Lock Call Blocker allow consumers to block any phone numbers from any of the above sources.

Here is a very interesting article about the most common complaints reported by victims who have their number registered on the “Do Not Call” registry.

Ref: National Do Not Call Registry